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You can stop fearing foreclosure. Help is available for you now. Let us fight your foreclosure and save your home. Call the best foreclosure defense attorneys.

If your home is in danger of foreclosure, or you are about to default on your mortgage loan, you may feel an overwhelming sense of helplessness and may not know where to turn. Often when people learn they are facing foreclosure they immediately conclude that they will lose their home and face a lifetime of financial hardship. It does not have to end this way. Professional help is available to you now from the foreclosure defense attorneys.

Find for highly skilled, experienced, and passionate team of foreclosure defense attorneys, with over 10 years of litigation experience, ready to defend your rights and save your home from foreclosure. The firm specializes in defending foreclosure actions, suing lenders for violations of consumer laws, and negotiating favorable loan modification or other solutions. The team of attorneys and loan modification specialists should have helped hundreds of homeowners stave off and avoid foreclosure.


home2The foreclosure process MUST NOT BE IGNORED no matter what anybody advises you. Foreclosure is a legal remedy under the Illinois Mortgage Foreclosure Law that your lender is pursuing independently of whatever mortgage assistance you may be seeking from your lender. Your lender is simply lying if they advise that you can ignore the legal foreclosure process just because you are seeking “mortgage assistance”. A pending loan modification application, or short sale, is NOT a legal defense to a judgment of foreclosure. The worst possible thing you can do is ignore the foreclosure process and do nothing.

Foreclosure Attorneys

If you have been served with a foreclosure lawsuit, you only have 30 days to respond; otherwise you risk a default judgment being entered against you. Although in certain circumstances, we have been successful in vacating foreclosure judgments, even long after the judgment was entered, generally, your chances of a successful outcome decreases the longer you delay in fighting the foreclosure. The truth is that your chances of successfully defending or defeating a foreclosure action are VERY SLIM without skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced professional legal representation.

YOU CAN FIGHT BACK NOW! You can stop fearing the foreclosure process. You can stop worrying about when you will lose your home and be evicted by the county sheriff. The attorneys should have the skills, experience, and aggressive litigation strategies to successfully defend your foreclosure and obtain a favorable outcome for your situation. We will properly assess your particular financial situation, family needs, and goals and develop a comprehensive and cutting edge foreclosure defense strategy. We will passionately defend and fight for your rights, and advise you every step of the way.